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1919 West Fairmont Drive, Building 8
Tempe, AZ 85282
Main Desk: 1-866-484-0204
   Progressive Financial Services, Inc. (Progressive) is a national collection agency with offices in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Progressive differs from the standard collection agency by working with consumers to find a beneficial solution for all parties involved. Our corporate motto of "Mediation, not Confrontation" ® effectively describes the manner in which our staff is trained to communicate with consumers. Progressive strives to recover the balance due while protecting the image and relationship our client has built with their customers.

   Progressive utilizes our unique debt collection approach to work with the consumer to assist them in resolving their delinquent accounts. This collection strategy has proven successful in virtually every market segment, including bankcard, utility, government, education, and more. Accounts are worked at every level of the collection cycle including pre-collect, primary, secondary, tertiary, and beyond. Additional information regarding the services offered by Progressive can be found on the Services page.   

   Clients are provided with the ability to upload and download documents directly to Progressive through our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Documents can be uploaded in virtually any format desired. Upon completion of the upload, notification is automatically provided to Progressive personnel for file retrieval. Documents can also be placed on the SFTP site by Progressive for easy downloading. Access requires an assigned username and password, which can be obtained through your assigned Client Services Representative.


   Progressive Financial Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and employment opportunities may be available in a variety of different areas. Whether you are experienced in debt collections or are simply a hard working, talented individual with no prior experience, we are interested in meeting you! Please contact us for more information about starting your new career at Progressive.


   Progressive provides clients with the ability to view detailed collection information and print fully customizable reports on accounts placed with our agency for debt recovery. Client information is protected with each user's access being restricted to include only accounts placed by their specific company. Please contact your assigned Client Services Representative for login information, or if you already have an assigned username and password, access the Client Access Portal

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